Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium maintenance service from Underwaterworld

Does your aquarium need to be cleaned or is the O2 pump not performing as efficiently as you hoped? Call the experts at Underwaterworld and we will come and assess your aquarium and fix any problems. We are based in Northwood and work in and around London.

Our aquarium maintenance service is available to everyone

We clean filtration units, CO2 units, fix pumps, and UV lights. We can even completely revamp systems and totally clean the tank from top to bottom We also conduct water changes and gravel cleaning. Need to add new fish? Take a look at our fish and coral products.
aquarium maintenance service
aquarium maintenance

Got an aquarium?

Whether it's an existing system or one which our company has installed, we offer an aquarium maintenance service to suit your needs. We keep your aquarium in top condition, so you don't have to. Our service is carried out by our friendly staff. 
  • Cold water aquariums
  • Tropical freshwater aquariums
  • Marine fish only systems
  • Marine reef tanks
  • 24 Hour emergency call-outs
  • Consultation service on installations, filtration, problem solving and livestock
  • Let us look after your aquarium whilst you are on holiday
  • Water changes and gravel cleaning, using reverse osmosis water
  • We use high quality Salt & R.O Water
  • Cleaning of the aquarium, cover glass and trim
  • Servicing and cleaning filtration units including pumps, skimmers, reactors, CO2 units, UV lights, etc.
  • Monitoring the water quality parameters
  • Checking the health of all livestock
  • Cleaning plastic plants and bleaching dead coral
Do you need aquarium maintenance? Let us take the strain off you, call Underwaterworld on 
07931 248 777, we are based in Northwood
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