Aquarium emergency services in Northwood

Does your aquarium require urgent servicing? At Underwaterworld, our specialists can address all your aquatic problems. We have a wide range of technological solutions as well as good old elbow grease.

Calcium reactors, Kalkwasser mixer and sump

A calcium reactor is a unit which maintains the calcium levels in your aquarium. It keeps the calcium levels high, while lowering the pH factor. The reactor has a sealed chamber where CO2 gas is injected converting the water inside, into an acid solution. A sump within the reactor pumps the water back to the aquarium increasing the calcium level. The high calcium level keeps corals and invertebrates inside the aquarium, in good health and helps them grow. 

 A Kalkwasser mixer is a unit that raises the pH level in the aquarium. Depending on the size of the mixture, the unit is filled with approximately 8 tablespoons of Kalkwasser powder and RO water. The mixer is topped up with water through a separate tank. A float switch inside the aquarium is turned on when the water evaporates. This starts filling up the mixer and over time the water overflows into the sump, raising the pH levels.

A sump is a tank underneath the aquarium. The water from the aquarium overflows through a hole that is drilled in the back or underneath the aquarium. This water is filtered through the media, heated, skimmed and is returned to the aquarium through an inbuilt pump. The entire process remains hidden in a cabinet and this makes it convenient to work on and clean the sump.
Calcium reactors
internal power filters

External power filters and internal power filters

An external power filter is a sealed canister under the aquarium. The water is run through the filter media inside the canister and is pumped back into the aquarium. This water is then colonised with bacteria which reconverts the water into a safe habitat. 

 An internal power filter is fitted inside the aquarium. The base of the filter consists of small slots and grids. Water is pulled through this media through a pump and is then pumped out through the top of the filter. This water is colonised with bacteria to reconvert it into a safe habitat.

Undergravel filters and ultraviolet light sterilisers

Undergravel filters are placed at the bottom of the aquarium. Gravel or sand, which is one to four inches thick, is then placed on top of the filter. The undergravel plate has one or two tubes with airline and airstones inside. The water is then pulled through the gravel, colonised with bacteria and reconverted into a safe habitat. The undergravel filter can be run on an air pump or a power head. 

‘An ultraviolet light steriliser or UV lamp is a special quartz sleeve (envelope) that is fitted within a plastic housing. Water is run through the plastic housing, sterilised and returned to the tank. For better results, the water is filtered before going through the UV lamp, preventing suspended and organic matter from obscuring the quartz sleeve from the UV light. 
ultraviolet light sterilisers
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