Fish & Coral

We offer a wide selection of aquarium fish

Are you looking for different varieties of fish for your aquarium? At Underwaterworld, we stock a wide range of fish for you to choose from. Why not pay us a visit in Northwood and see what we have to offer.

Safe handling of aquarium fish

If you are looking for safety compliance with regard to fish stock, at Underwaterworld, we undertake all safety precautions while handling our aquarium fish. All fish in our care are fed and quarantined for 7 days before sale.

Our experts have the experience and the expertise to transfer your new fish stock safely to their new home. Looking for equipment replacements? Take a look at our stock of second hand goods.
aquarium fish
Live coral

Fish and aquarium stock we provide

  • Fish
  • Live coral
  • Live plants
We stock the following fish:
  • Tropical freshwater
  • Cold water
  • Marine fish
Get in touch with us for more details.
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